What is Hail Guru?

What does Hail Guru Do?

Hail Guru is the authority that advocates consumer interest, giving Texas property owners the emergency coverage necessary to helps fight the risk, frustration, & anxiety that severe weather and storm chasing contractors now cause.

Our coverage provides you with benefits similar to leading emergency roadside assistance organizations: we license technology to alert you if severe weather strikes your street, thereby which you can elect to have a certified serviceman complete an immediate on-site damage assessment, any necessary emergency tarping, & place signage indicating that your property has been inspected to deter soliciting storm chasers.

Few people realize that under Texas law, construction & repair contractors do not need to licensed, insured, registered to operate within the state -- the result from this regulation has been a major influx of storm chasers who are unqualified and engage in illicit sales pitches.

Of the roofing & siding contractors that actually registered with the state, the numbers exceeds 10,000; review sites lack the capacity to regularly validate contractors and ensure that they are current in their standing with regards to insurance, business ratings, & financial obligations.

Scientists have concluded that storm formation is easier now than in 1970 due to a combination of natural weather variability & man-made climate change; in the early 2000s annual wind and hail damage seldom topped $5 billion, but in 2012 & 2011 that figure was a combined $41 billion.

With the evolution of satellite weather tracking technology, storm chasers monitor alerts to arrive at your house before you do.

Hail Guru certified service contractors are local, insured, & always maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau--who do you want stepping on your property this storm season?